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I haven't updated my bio in ages, so I'm doing it now before I run out of free time.

Oh, where to begin...

Okay, I'm 26, Pagan, feminist, cuddly, fat, emotional, loving, talkative and generous. I live in Portsmouth, UK. I have M.E, IBS, borderline personality disorder, anxious/avoidant personality disorder, OC traits and bi polar I. I like I have a 5 year old son who is more precious to me than it is possible to explain with words.

I'm cynical, sometimes sarcastic and easily amused. I have 5 tattoos.

I live on my own with my little boy and have lots of dysfunctional friends who I spend time with. I spend my free time writing, playing with my little boy, spending time with my partner and being an activist.

I love people, friendships, relationship, love, making love, having sex and everything similar that makes me feel alive.

I update a lot, usually at least once a day, sometimes TONS. I moan a lot, sometimes post poetry and prose. I post lots of pictures because I obsessively document my life with photographs.

If I seem interesting to you, and we have stuff in common/you're an interesting person too, then add me. I'll always check out your profile before I add you, as my journal is Friends Only and I'm very suspicious of letting people see the inner workings of my mind. So if you seem in any way someone I will not enjoy reading the journal of or not feel comfortable sharing with, I won't add you...don't take it personally!

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